Why am I doing this?

Why do I think I even have a chance? Well, the disillusionment with the two big parties is at an all time high. The block of Independent voters is the fastest growing nation-wide. I’ve met dozens of people on the campaign trail that have said their party has left them. I don’t want to disparage party membership, especially in Florida as we have closed primaries, but the party’s ultimate loyalty is to the party and not the people. Consolidation of power within the party is the overriding goal. The two big parties are so diametrically opposed to each other and in such a struggle for power that common sense solutions are rarely arrived at. When Obama took office, Republicans vowed to make him a one-term president and to block virtually every policy idea he had. Now the tables have turned and the Democrats are lined up rank and file is opposition to Trump. I want to add that some of that resistance is well-founded. Trump’s tax plan that gives away massive tax breaks to millionaires and corporations and shafts everyone else is shameful. The last 40 years have proved that trickle down economics don’t work (at least for most people). Top income earners and corporations now hold more of the wealth in this country than they ever have.

I digress.

In the end, no amount of political campaigning is going to force you to vote for a big-party candidate. Sure, you’ll hear more about them. Their big money campaigns will shove these partisan candidates down your throat through TV ads, through mailers, billboards, fields of yard signs, robocalls, you’re going to be inundated. A small grass-roots campaign like mine, does not have that luxury. You’ll hear about my campaign from a friend or from meeting me out at one of the many events I attend and host. And frankly, word of mouth is the best advertising you can get.

It’s up to us, in the end. No one forces us to vote partisan. That party is not standing behind you, twisting your arm, forcing you to vote for their candidate. YOU have the autonomy, the freedom to vote for whomever you choose.

Let’s break it down.

House District 64 is basically 40% Republican, 30% Democrat and 30% NPA. If the NPAs turn out, which I expect they will given they now have an NPA candidate on the ballot, I expect to get at least 20% of the vote from NPAs. The election hinges on this campaign’s ability to attract 5-10% of the Republican base away from the incumbent. I expect to peel between 10 and 20% of the Democratic base away from the Democrat in the race. Even the most conservative estimate in this scenario: 20% NPA + 5% Republican + 10% Democrat = 35% gives us a percentage that could very well win this race. That being said, I believe that the disillusionment with party among registered party voters is much stronger than my conservative estimate. Furthermore, I expect NPAs in HD64 to turn out in big numbers as they finally have a candidate to vote for. Let’s look at it with a more hopeful outlook: 25% NPA + 10% Republican + 20% Democrat = 55%

In a three-horse race, that’s a landslide. Could it happen? Could HD64 be the first house district in the state to elect an NPA? I think it could. I think it will.

This campaign has a different approach. We want to engage you live, with a real person and not a robocall or a mailer. A face-to-face interaction, a smile and a handshake makes a more indelible impression than a bunch of political mailers full or misleading information.

So don’t listen to the noise. Vote what you feel. Vote for who you think represents your interests best and can bridge the gap between partisan forces. I hope you’ll think that’s me. Tell your friends about me. Let people know there are more than two choices and then make that choice when you go to the voting booth.

It CAN happen. It’s up to YOU!

And so that’s why I’m running.

One of Floridas native grasses

This is Muhley Grass, a Florida native (my photo).