The Florida State Legislature

I always saw government as this exclusive club that only wealthy people and lawyers dabbled in. Turns out, that’s not it at all. It’s wide open to anyone that call collect enough votes. Doesn’t matter if you’re a rich politician with a political action committee, doesn’t matter if you’re just a regular citizen; a carpenter, a teacher, an electrician, a small business owner. Then I found this website:

This site basically gives you an all-access look into the Florida State House of Representatives. You can look up for representative, contact them, find out what their voting records are, find out what bills they’ve sponsored. It’s great. I no longer feel like it’s out of reach.

Our state legislature is a mirror of our national legislature. Both have an upper and a lower house, a House with smaller districts and more members and a Senate with larger districts and fewer members. Here’s the link to the Florida State Senate website:

Everything is right there, all you need to know, all you need to do. So, I’m inspired! I watched grass root and outsider campaigns do well in recent years. All the tools are right there. It’s there for us, people like us.