Buy American By American

We need a fundamental shift in the way we act as consumers. I’ve seen some notable progress the last several years. We need the jump start the process. We need to really examine the statement we make with the dollars we spend. Manufacturing in this country has largely gone off shore. We, as consumers, can influence things. If enough of us work together, we can control whether or not companies off shore their manufacturing. If we divert our purchasing to companies that source their material and produce their products domestically, it will encourage if not compel companies to come back or to not leave in the first place.

It’s tough to find clothes made in the USA but they exist. I know, first-hand, about multiple clothing manufacturers that source and produce their clothing domestically. What can we do? First, buy from them. Second, talk to store managers where you shop. Ask them if they carry any American-made clothing. If they don’t, tell them that you’d shop there more often if they carried some. Insist on it.

This goes for food, too. We need to be willing to pay a little more for food produced in the United States; produced locally, preferably. The less distance your food has travelled, the more fresh it is and the more you will support the economy closest to where you live.

This company is a great example. I purchase nearly all of my new clothing from this company. They use American-grown fabrics, process them in American plants, even the box the clothes come in is Made in USA. We need more companies like this and we need to support the ones that are here.

A co-op is a great way to access locally produced food. I am a member at Cheyenne’s Country Thangs in Lutz. Not only are they great people that run it, they support local growers and bring only the freshest products to their shelves.