Big Time Volunteer Effort for Primary!

The Andy Warrener for House District 64 campaign rallied up today. 15 volunteers, not including myself were out all over the district talking up the campaign, letting people know that they WILL have an option outside the two parties this November 6.
Huge thank you to:
Liz McPhee
Chris McPhee
Carol Warrener
Richard Warrener
Don Tillotson
Rod Gaudin
Jim Carper
Heather DeRigo
Deanna Mountjoy Corarito
Kim Paulson
Debbie Allan
Oscar Cunningham
Lane McLaughlin
Amy Asp
Larry Robbins
for your hard work today braving the heat and the rain. The fact that we threw this effort together in 3 days and it turned out so magnificently humbles me but at the same time emboldens me.
This is what a grass roots campaign really looks like.
Some are leaves
Some are branches
I and I are the roots

Today was a good day.