Road Improvements in HD64!

I got a call from Hillsborough County stating that my proposal for improvements to the intersection of Lutz Lake Fern Road and Sunlake Boulevard are being implemented. Their plan is very close to my original proposal and is even better than the one I proposed. It was told to me that the project would be completed before the end of October. Here are the details:
1 – The light for east bound traffic on LLFern will now be a five-light box allowing for a left turn arrow to let traffic onto northbound Sunlake Bl.
*Remember getting stuck behind those cars trying to turn left and how people zip around those cars to continue eastbound?
2 – The current through lane on LLFern going east will now be a left turn only lane.
3 – The current right turn only lane on eastbound LLFern will now be the through lane for eastbound traffic as well as the right turn lane.
4 – They will also install a five-light box for southbound traffic on Sunlake to turn left (east) onto LLFern.
*This was not part of my original proposal but heck, sounds good.
I’m delighted to share this with you and I hope that this improvement to the intersection will ease traffic congestion and make the intersection safer. My commendations to the County for moving on this quickly.
If anyone has any questions about how I went into this process or details about the project, please let me know.
UPDATE: The county has elected not to paint the new lane configuration and just leave the new light boxes. I think that’s fine. I have already noticed improvement in the traffic flow. Additionally, the county is going to install a memorial for Carl Reitano who was killed in the intersection in 2015. I had to track down Mr. Reitano’s family in New York State but I got to them just in time to get the application in. Watch for the memorial being put up in the next 30 days.