Monthly Archives: August 2018

Big Time Volunteer Effort for Primary!

The Andy Warrener for House District 64 campaign rallied up today. 15 volunteers, not including myself were out all over the district talking up the campaign, letting people know that they WILL have an option outside the two parties this

Road Improvements in HD64!

I got a call from Hillsborough County stating that my proposal for improvements to the intersection of Lutz Lake Fern Road and Sunlake Boulevard are being implemented. Their plan is very close to my original proposal and is even better

The NPA Wave

I hear a lot of talk about the Blue Wave. Statistics in Florida show that while population is increasing dramatically in Florida, the Democratic electorate is shrinking. Guess what? So is the Republican electorate. Know what’s growing? NPAs. We are

Early voting

There are 5 early voting locations in or near District 64. We hit 3 of the 5 today. Coming for the other 2 tomorrow. Take a chance. I won’t disappoint you.

All Hands on Deck for the Primaries

We are not in the primary as we are an NPA. We are already on to the November 6 ballot but…Big weeks coming up. We need all hands on deck for Tuesday, August 28. Get with me and we will

NPAs Un-represented in State Legislature

Here are some numbers that will make you frown. In the State of Florida there are: 12,927,318 registered voters 4,792,599 registered Democrats 4,562,533 registered Republicans 3,489,449 No-Party Affiliation voters _____________________________________________________ – 3,489,449 is 27% of 12,927,318 – No-Party affiliation voters