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Welcome. Here's who I am and what this site is about.

Hi. If you've made it this far, you already know who I am. This site will inform you about what my plans for the future of this state (Florida) are. I am a no-party affiliate. I am running for Florida House District 64, which is where I grew up and spent most of my life. I care deeply about the citizens of District 64 and all residents of Florida. It is my hope that I will be able to bring representatives from both sides of the aisle to come together and make common-sense decisions for the state of Florida.

Speaking at HCSD Board Meeting

Podcast interview is up, have a look!

Teacher Voice – Episode 38  

Intersection Improvement and Memorial Marker – Complete!

It makes me so proud to see this project to its completion. I called in the traffic issue at this intersection (Lutz Lake Fern/Sunlake) in May and laid out what needed to be done to alleviate the problem. The County

New Campaign Video is Up!

In Action at Forums and Town Halls

I turned 40 years old on October 4, last Thursday. I also attended a Pizza and Politics event at the Seminole campus of Saint Petersburg College. I was the only District 64 candidate in attendance. It’s becoming a theme. The

North Florida Land Trust Does Legislature’s Job?

Hooray for this organization and how they have acquired 2,551 acres with help from the Army National Guard. If only our state legislature would act on the 75% mandate from voters in 2014 and properly fund the Acquisition Trust Fund

Big Time Volunteer Effort for Primary!

The Andy Warrener for House District 64 campaign rallied up today. 15 volunteers, not including myself were out all over the district talking up the campaign, letting people know that they WILL have an option outside the two parties this

Road Improvements in HD64!

I got a call from Hillsborough County stating that my proposal for improvements to the intersection of Lutz Lake Fern Road and Sunlake Boulevard are being implemented. Their plan is very close to my original proposal and is even better

The NPA Wave

I hear a lot of talk about the Blue Wave. Statistics in Florida show that while population is increasing dramatically in Florida, the Democratic electorate is shrinking. Guess what? So is the Republican electorate. Know what’s growing? NPAs. We are

Early voting

There are 5 early voting locations in or near District 64. We hit 3 of the 5 today. Coming for the other 2 tomorrow. Take a chance. I won’t disappoint you.